About Idolm@sters

We are a small indie record label featuring a diverse selection of artists.

We started in 2016 in the small munincipality of Zonnebeke.
The Belgian music scene is growing fast, and we thought it would be a great idea to bring promising artists together in one label and help them thrive.
We don’t specialize in a particular genre, so everyone can find something of interest.

As of now, we are the home of various artists originating in Belgium such as Brihang, Hydrogen Sea and Pomrad amongst others.
But we also host some foreign artist such as Yung Internet, Crystal Castles, Bo En and Princess Nokia.

Our goal is to make the public think more outside the box by supporting niche, indie artists.

Please give them a listen to and immerse yourself in some open-minded Belgian music!
For bookings, be sure to send us a message.